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Fitness, health and wellness are inseparably inter-related. When one improves, the rest are likely to follow. Components that contribute into the final equation are numerous and your ability to alter those variables is extensive. A decision to take charge of those variables will go a long way to achieving your goals, whether you want to be stronger, faster, bigger or just simply improve your quality of life. Since you are reading this you must already have made the decision to take control of the physical aspects of your well-being. That is a great start. I'd like you to see your decision as a part of a lifestyle change, showing similar determination and commitment to healthier choices in all areas of your daily activities.

On my part, it is my goal to provide you with advice and instruction custom tailored to meet your objectives and abilities in a friendly and courteous atmosphere. I will listen, learn and suggest a workout plan that takes into account your targets and preferences. It is paramount to me to offer you a service that not only helps you lift more weight at the gym, but also in your daily life, both mentally and physically. It is my aim to facilitate a way to your goals that is efficient, rational and biomechanically correct. Keeping you injury free, moving forward and not waste your time. That, in a nutshell, is the MaxFit promise.

I hope I can be of assistance on your journey to a healthy and fit future.


Come experience the truly personal approach to personal training! Feel the difference and see the results of a workout program custom tailored to your goals and ablity. Unlike the "one size fits all" workouts at mega-gyms that are dependant on what equipment is available ( I am sure you have noticed a "slight" spike in attendance at peak hours) and what the trainer chooses to do at the time, every workout at MaxFit is planned 6 sessions ahead to ensure proper order, intensity and to avoid repetition. I keep a record of every exercise performed, not only to have a paper trail of how much weight you can lift but to help determine what the less developed aspects of your physique are and to adjust our workouts accordingly to provide you with a solid foundation that we can continue to build on.